Bankruptcy is often confusing, filled with deadlines and documentation. It takes a toll emotionally as well as financially. If you think bankruptcy is on the horizon, check out the Bankruptcy Alphabet, which covers different areas of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.

Learn more about filing for bankruptcy in California, from making a list of “Assets” and “Northern” California Bankruptcy Court to “Unsecured Debt”. Contact me if you have questions or if you’re ready to move forward with the rest of your life.


A – E

A is for Assets

B is for Beware of Credit Card Offers

C is for Chapter 7

D is for Disclose Everything

E is for Equity

F – J

F is for Fresh Start

G is for Gumshoe (Start Investigating)

H is for Homeowners Association

I is for Income

J is for Joint Filing

K – O

K is for 401(k)

L is for Lift the Bankruptcy Stay

M is for Means Test

N is for Northern California Bankruptcy Court

O is for Organize

P – T

P is for Preference

Q is for Qualified Written Request

R is for Reorganization

S is SOFA (Statement of Financial Affairs)

T is Tax Dischargability

U – Z

U is for Unsecured Debt